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6 months my friend

Half a year. Wow. I can't believe I haven't updated this at all. So much has happened.

Lost a few friends-talking wise. They're still alive
Started my junior year of college.
Put my dog down.
Had a few dates with some guys.
Seriously dated one guy-broke up
Dating another guy currently-i'm having my doubts.
Got a job as a Resident Assistant in the residence halls on campus

grew closer to some friends
grew apart from others.
learned some
loved some
lost some

Overall, a great couple of 6 months.
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Handicap aides.

I think they're one of the things that are most often taken advantage of.

It IRRITATES me to no end when fully capacitated people push the handicap button to open the doors for them. Maybe their handicap is in their brain and they don't know how to open a door? If you are carrying a big load and pushing the button would prevent you from slipping a disk in your back, then please, use the button. But when you push it for the heck of it...what's your problem?

Just had to vent a frustration.
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Starting again

There have been many times in my life where I have told myself that I'm going to refresh this. Going to dedicate my time to this. To not do that. To not eat this, to lose that. And so many times it works...

for the first few days

then I find myself falling back into the same old thing that is my life.

Numerous times I've made diet reforms. Diet being what I eat, not to diet. And then I fall right back into the junk food diet.
Numerous times I've made exercise routines, and plans to do it, and then I do great three or four days in a row, and then I'm too tired day four or five and I crap out.

I'm just wondering which time will be the time that will stick.
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It's nearly the first

July is right here. It's right around the corner.

Duuuuuude, where has this year gone?

I have so many dreams, wishes, ambitions, and I feel like there's not enough time to do it all. One of these summers I'll getaway and travel. And do what others do, have amazing summers.


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A little slip of a melody

So, when I was in elementary school, my best friend nicole and my little sister and I thought we were amazing singers and wanted to form a musical group and become famous. We went through many names that we liked, Ala for one, and Dead End was the one we had last before reality sunk in.

I found one of my to do list holders, and inside were snippets of stuff I had written, hoping that one day they would turn into something fabulous and be on the radio, played right after 'mmbop' and 'truly madly deeply'.

I read one thing I had written, and it was two stanzas and a chorus. Mind you, this was elementary school and the only relationship information I had was based on the movies.

"i'm sitting in my room
talking on the phone with you
wishing you would get to the point

just like a shooting star
baby you can only get so far
then you're out of range

im tired of holding on to you
I'm in pursuit of someone true
I'm not something you can throw away
and not think on. "She's always yesterday"
Dont you know I'm indispensable
yet you treat me like I'm invisible.
Hey you I'm moving on.
Walking away, knowing i'm strong"

Looking back now, I guess I was getting the message I try so hard to remind myself of. I've got three boyfriends in the past, and there was something about each of them I didn't like and tried to overlook, but that characteristic made them incompatible with me, so finally I had to relent and move on, and look again for someone who was better.

So many girls today stick with the same guy and don't see that there are better things out there for them, and that this one guy is holding them back. So many girls today stick with guys who abuse them, and don't let them achieve their full potential.

Stay strong. Move on.

(and the song that was playing as i finished up the entry is complete coincidence)
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Another update

I think I'm definitely making some sort of progress. Here's an update.

101 things to do in 1001 days
Start: April 2, 2009
Finish: January 2, 2012
In Progress

1.    Renew my first aid/CPR certification
2.    Get straight A’s
a.    Get a car
3.    Build a real sand Castle
4.    Dance barefoot in the rain in public
5.    Watch at least 10 classic/old movies (0/10)
6.    Read 10 books recommended by other people (0/10)
7.    Complete the extremely long book list I compiled. (10/196)
8.    Make a sensical husband criteria list that I won’t waver from.
9.    Go to an outdoor market
10.    Grow herbs in the apartment this next year
11.    Use grown herbs in a dish
12.    Grow fruits/vegetables
13.    Lose 20 pounds (3/20)
a.    Keep them off
14.    Study abroad
15.    Donate $3 for every unfinished item at the end
16.    Stay offline for three weekends in a row and enjoy time outdoors (1/3)
17.    Try three new foods without knowing what it is (0/3)
18.    Learn to/Go fishing (but don’t necessarily keep the fish)
19.    Stay up all night doing something productive
20.    Write (at least) 500 words a day for one month (3/30)
21.    Help 5 random strangers/do 5 random acts of kindness (0/5)
22.    Take my dog on a walk before the sun comes up
23.    Have a photo shoot with friends
24.    Start a photography career
25.    Save money for a nice camera
26.    Go to New York
27.    Go to a musical live
28.    For 8 new piece of clothing, get rid of 8 old pieces of clothing and donate them (0/8)
29.    For 10 new pairs of shoes, get rid of 10 pairs (0/10)
30.    Exercise every day this summer. (5/101)
31.    Order the same dish as someone three times (and it has to be something I haven’t tried) (0/3)
32.    Watch a movie in Spanish, with no sub-titles and understand it
33.    Watch a movie in a language I don’t know
34.    Read a book in Spanish
35.    Write 5 heartfelt letters to people who have affected my life (0/5)
36.    Get dressed up one day during school for no reason
37.    Go to the beach
38.    Go on a road trip with friends
39.    Run every morning or evening for a week consistently (0/7)
40.    Go seven days without junk food/anything unhealthy (0/7)
41.    Go on a cruise
42.    Go to a dance lesson
43.    Treat my mother to a ‘mother-daughter’ spa day
44.    Watch a sun-rise from a hill or mountain
45.    Watch a sun-set from a hill or mountain
46.    Use a pick-up line on a guy for the hey-ho of it.
47.    Complete a hike my father completed
48.    Go a month without telling any sort of lie (0/30)
49.    Run a 9 minute mile, without walking
50.    Learn to drive a stick, and drive around town
51.    Commit to everything I say I will for one semester
52.    Go to a drive-in movie
53.    Donate blood
54.    Volunteer somewhere and make an impact
55.    Converse with a native Spanish speaker, and make it more than an ‘¿hola, cómo estás?
56.    Go on a wine tour
57.    Take one amazing picture of everyone I know, and make two copies, give one framed copy to them, and put the other in a scrap book
58.    Write a paragraph or so about each person I take a picture of and explain what they mean to me.
59.    Camp with just a sleeping bag, no tent
60.    Submit the children’s book I wrote for publication
61.    Take a painting course
62.    Make a CD for 10 people (0/10)
63.    Go ice skating at the Reno Rink
64.    Go blonde
65.    Send 5 letters to the troops (0/5)
66.    Have a yard sale
67.    Take an amazing family portrait
68.    Visit the library more
69.    Complete my state quarters collection
70.    Floss everyday for a month (0/30)
71.    Be able to turn in an assignment written completely with my left hand
72.    Write 20 letters to myself to read at end of 1001 days. (1/20)
73.    Donate 50,000 grains of rice on (280/50000)
74.    Make myself a cute dress
75.    Mail a secret to
76.    Make my roommates breakfast in bed on their birthdays once we’re in the apartment and on two other random days (0/3-E) (0/3-R) (0/3-N)
77.    Save all spare change and deposit it in savings at end of 1001 days
78.    Finish my Sudoku book
79.    Don’t buy anything unless it is crucial to my well being
80.    Don’t take the campus shuttle for a month (6/30)
81.    Do 25 reasonable favors (0/25)
82.    Go on a trail ride with Robin and have a picnic at the end
83.    Crochet a blanket for someone other than me
84.    Crochet 50 hats/scarves and donate them (0/50)
85.    Back up computer files
86.    Keep a gratitude journal for all days (0/1001)
87.    Get someone else to start a 101/1001 list
88.    Have two quiet times a week for two months (0/16)
89.    Do 50 pushups consecutively and properly
90.     Participate in all Earth Hours during this 1001 days
91.    When going to restaurants during this 1001 days, do not order the same thing I usually do
92.    Everytime I go shopping anywhere for anything take a bag to put purchases in and not use plastic bags
93.    Do at least 10 things my mother asks me this summer without saying no or protesting doing. (2/10)
94.    Edit short story written for my High school Creative Writing class and submit it to magazines or other publications until it is accepted and printed.
95.    Visit Lake Tahoe
96.    Go tubing down the Truckee
97.    Take at least one skiing lesson now that I’m older (last one was when I was v. young, elementary school)
98.    Take care of face and get acne to go away
99.    Memorize phone numbers in my phone, especially those of people I call the most
100.    Start and finish a scrapbook from my Europe trip
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And so it begins

One of my friends has gotten engaged.

Got a ring

Set the date

and asked me to be a bridesmaid.

I'm so happy for Laura. She deserves this happiness. The date's near the end of 2010. It's so exciting, but it also reminds me that now is the time my friends are going to start all this. They're going to start getting engaged to their long term boyfriends, or short term if they know it's right. I love weddings, so I'm not going to mind a bit, attending as a bridal party member, or a simple audience member, or eventually a photographer (once I can gain ownership of a great camera...someday...and after some experience and classes, but I digress).

I'm still excited for her. Laura mentioned fittings for a bridesmaid dress, which means she's already picked them out, she must have her colors picked out. I'm so happy for her. Have I said that yet?
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Wish upon whatever

So I’ve finished Wish by Melina Gerosa Bellows this past weekend. And it was an okay book. Can’t remember why I bought it. Was it on sale? Did I hear the name somewhere? Was it a Melissa Walker cover story? I’m not sure.


And I’m not sure how I feel about it either.


It wasn’t a horrible story. But it wasn’t gush-able. It was just OK.


It’s the story of Bella, and her autistic brother Bobby and their family struggles and events. It makes me grateful for the family life I have, and empathetic towards those that have autistic siblings/children, and the patience that they must have to cope with their child/sibling. I’m not one to have much patience, and I don’t know if or how that would change if I was around someone autistic. My applause to you all. I did like how Bellows structured the book. Each chapter covered a snippet from the main character’s life and the age she is, what her favorite things are, what year it is, etc. It was interesting to see the changes that Bella made throughout the novel.


I will give the novel this: It is empowering. I won’t give too much away, but remember ladies, We must love ourselves before we can love others J “No one can make (us) feel inferior without (our) consent.”


Next book on my list: Blue Like Jazz.

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It's just a curious case

I'm watching "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". It was an hour and 35 minutes and my mom and sister pooped out. Turns out the movie is 165 minutes. That's a really long movie. It's interesting, but I'm hoping there's some sort of revelational point at the end. Otherwise, I feel like I would have wasted some time.

I never was REALLY interested in seeing the movie, but my mom and sister really wanted to see it. So I sat in on it.

Mom and I finished "Fireproof" earlier today. I freaking love that movie. Definitely going to add that to my collection. It was so amazing and I can't wait to be a wife. :) And oddly enough, last night I had a dream about my wedding. It was quite odd. Not your traditional wedding. But I woke up before the reception, so I'm not sure how the night turned out. But it definitely won't be the wedding I'll have in real life. :)

Anyway, this entry isn't making much sense, so I'm going to finish the movie and end this entry here.

Until next time
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Its the end of an era

Well not really an era, just a semester. I leave Reno. Tomorrow. I've gotten two class's grades back. Waiting on one English, finished the essays for Core humanities, as well as an extra credit essay and need to finish the essays for my other English class. And then I'm done with this semester. Luckily I have until Monday night to finish my English essays. I only need to do two, however, I'm desperately trying for straight A's, and I'm planning on doing all three essays, in hopes that she'll accept one as extra credit and boost my grade. And, worst case scenario that that doesn't happen, I'll have 4 as and a b and I'll make the deans list for the first time in my college career. Exciting for me.

In other news, Melissa Walker's fourth book hit stores this past Tuesday. I meant to check our Student Union bookstore to see if they had it in stock, and I might be able to make it up there today after I turn in my CH essays. So excited to read it! It's part of a grouping of books, they're all stand alone, but they have similar cover designs, and a summer/winter theme. So after reading hers, I'll go back and read the other book I've had on my bookshelf collecting dust.

Another exciting book release is Sarah Dessen's Along For the Ride which comes out in June. I couldn't be more excited for it! It is coming out later than her last book last year, Lock and Key came out near my birthday and I remember buying an extra copy as a gift to Kristina. This year, it's past both our birthdays.

As for hot movies coming out this summer, I don't know what's coming out. Not having access to television and watching the commercials really hinders this sort of knowledge, but I've been better off without it that's for sure.

I've also started a newspaper article based on an event that happens each semester here at the university. I'm going to work on researching it and perfecting it this summer and try to get it submitted for one of the last issues of the paper in winter. I knew two people on staff at the Sagebrush, but I think they've both decided to end their reign on staff there and move on to bigger and better things. My friends Amy and Jessica. I'm hoping that by the quality of the article it will make it into the opinions section.

I'm almost done packing. Almost. So ready to be done and be home that's for sure. Only a few hours more. Can't wait.

Summer, here I come.